Changes in temperature and humidity mean that a Piano benefits from regular tuning, manufacturers recommend at least twice a year, although some of my customers have found that once a year is sufficient. A complex instrument with 1000’s of moving parts, a diverse range of materials, and strings that generate a cumulative tension of 18 to 24 tons, which benefit from regular maintenance to keep it sounding and playing well. It also protects the value of the instrument as well as the ear of the player and listener!. Most pianos I come across need one or two minor repairs or regulation to the keys, action, or strings. As a tuner / technician, these minor repairs are no problem to me, and part of my standard tuning fee.

I have current DBS clearance and can provide certification

Concert pitch is an internationally agreed measure, (like a metre or kilogram). And set at 440 Hz for A. If you have perfect pitch, or want to accompany other instruments, you will need your piano to be tuned to concert pitch, if this is possible.

An old Piano may not be able to hold this pitch, but that doesn’t mean that the thing is worthless. For most people starting out on the Piano, it is not always necessary for a Piano to be tuned to this pitch. I have worked on many beautiful Pianos, with really individual tone quality, good action response and stable tuning that cannot be tuned to concert pitch. Indeed some older instruments were designed for a lower pitch before the international standard was agreed. I have seen Pianos damaged by inexperienced tuners trying to tune a piano to a pitch that it was not designed to hold.

I tune, repair and regulate any type of Piano Upright or Grand; a small mini eavestaff piano, or a full size concert grand. I also tune harpsichords, clavichords and some types of electric pianos.

Many schools, local and further afield, use me to look after their Pianos. This can be done on a contract basis, or as a one off. Schools especially need a tuner that is able to perform cost effective repairs, as the instruments get a lot of use. Some schools have been locked into unnecessarily expensive, and complicated maintenance contracts. I will always give honest and impartial advice as to the best way of looking after your Piano(s), and tailor my service to your individual need. My Fees depend on the number of Pianos you have, their overall condition, and your location. Please give me a call, or drop me a line for a quote, or just for some advice.